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Stuff and things

Pieces is... branching.

It will remain on Livejournal as a cross between a musebox and a real game. Don't need to remain within premise in piecesofworlds but, I would prefer pieces_logs does. Players can be invited by current members without an app necessary. No activity check and relaxed character restrictions.

And I'm going to give it a shot as a regular game over on Dreamwidth. HERE.


The castle

The screen shots are just for a basic idea. The doors don't lead to the same things as in the game. Some rooms with one painting in the game will have multiple paintings in Pieces.

I kinda fail at making maps so there won't be one specific to the RP unless someone else volunteers to make it. There is this one I found of the first floor that can be used for a basic idea of that area.

Basic outside view. There is a thick fog obscuring most of what is beyond the castle grounds.

Inside the entrance.

The door on the far left now leads to a sitting room. There is a large couch, several arm chairs, some end tables, a coffee table and an entertainment center. The television only seems to pick up nature documentaries, game shows, generic retellings of fairy tales, soap operas and music videos. There is a video game system that has only puzzle games, fighting games and racing games with no discernible story or characterization. There is a computer in one corner that can be used to look up meanings of words, recipes, music and connect to the network. There is a large painting on one wall.(will contain a replica of part of a character's world)



♣ Wait, what?

Characters are brought to a replica of Princess Peach's castle. Not an exact replica though. There are more rooms suitable for bedrooms, a kitchen, some bathrooms and a library. And of course all the paintings are different.

Mr. Cloak found his first attempt to create a world out of the pieces of others to be a failure. But he's not giving up. Now he's experimenting with copies of places instead.... He just finds the whole thing rather boring without people there to mess with.

He's going to return everyone home alive eventually. He's just not going to tell anyone that. More fun that way.

The paintings hold temporary versions of the replica pieces. It is all very similar to how the paintings work in Super Mario 64. Characters go in, complete a task and get a reward. Or get unceremoniously ejected from the painting if they fail or die. Rewards may include the keys to the upper floors(very rarely and needs mod approval), money or luxury items. Some paintings contain shops to spend the money(which is automatically converted to the currency present in the world represented by the painting) and to sell unwanted items. (Attempting to sell the silver cutlery from the kitchen will result in the shopkeeper saying they don't buy stolen goods.)

♣ Paintings?

The paintings are portals to small pocket dimension areas containing replicas of the places characters were when the were brought here and some random places.

The portal paintings will ripple if brushed up against or the wall shook.

♣ Plot?

There is a simple plot that there is no hurry to resolve. The castle grounds will expand occasionally.

Most of the plot will be player driven. This means not much will happen unless you make it happen.

Have character react to the setting, attempt to take over, explore the castle or paintings, etc.

♣ Events?

There will occasionally be random events. Silly, serious, dangerous, etc.

And some for random holidays.

♣ What kind of characters can we play?

Characters from most official canons and original characters. Please no crack muses or characters from shows aimed at very young children.

Original characters may not have previous connections to canon characters.
Original characters from Earth or an Earth like world (AKA someplace that has the technology for whatever game/movie/show that they come from) may be familiar with some of the canon characters stories though they will be unable to speak of it. There may be a way for your character to get around this. It can be different for character but, it will be something traumatizing and you must have mod approval.Note- Please limit the series your character is familiar with to Two.

Multiples? Alternate universe?

Yes to both. Up to three versions of a character will be allowed. However, one person will not be allowed to play more than one version of a character.

♣ How does time pass in game?

Seasons will be announced on occasion but, otherwise time is kind of ambiguous here.

The only reasons a date will need to be specified is for holiday events and character's birthdays if their player wants them to have a celebration/surprise. Just make sure it is at least the appropriate season and don't try to celebrate a late season event just after season change has been announced.

♣ What kinds of places are in the paintings?

Part of a city or town, forest, plains, mountains. Pretty much anything but, not too big an area. Could be as big as a few miles but, most will be smaller.

If there are monsters there in canon there will be monsters in the painting replica. If there aren't there usually won't be in the painting unless there is an event of some kind to change it.

♣ Monsters
Show up in paintings of places that normally have them or during monster events.

Monsters will occasionally drop random things along with the money or items they normally would.

♣ Communication?
There are some computers in the library that are connected to a Livejournal like site. If your character has a portable computer or cell phone they can use them. It's also possible to buy one in a shop.

They may use those to post to piecesofworlds

For face-to-face interactions or any adventures, solo or as a group, post in the log community pieces_logs. This is not required. You can simply have your character post about these adventures in the main community if you want.

For out of character stuff such as hiatus announcements or random stuff you'd like to share there is pieces_ooc


Despite being a castle only basic foodstuffs are found in the kitchen. Sweets and luxury food items will have to be bought.

Changes of clothes will also have to be bought if your character wasn't already carrying them.

There are shops in some of the paintings for this.

♣ If you have any questions not answered, please ask them here.


Old profile - Before the reboot

Pieces of Worlds

Loosely based on the Dreamcast game 'Time Stalkers'

A nameless world in another dimension where time portals collide. Made up of fragments of varied worlds.

A strange book has brought you here.

No one seems to know anything except a strange cloaked man and he tends to provide more questions than answers.

Some have settled in and make no attempts to find a way home. Others are not content to such an existence.

Will an answer be found before whatever is holding this world together fails?

There is no choice but to find out.

profile codes » Logs » link


Nov. 25th, 2011

So it's over and I'm going to start putting up stuff for the reboot soon.

You can backtag incomplete logs if you want but, please don't make any new posts.

Let me know if you'd like to be informed when the reboot is ready to go.


[voice] Beginning of the end

I'm going to go put the stone pieces back where they belong on the Spring now.

I think I've put off finding out if I'm right about what it does long enough.


Mod post - Ending

So Pieces is coming to an end.

Soon I am going to post an ending log and a place holder for an epilogue.

Due to lack of activity whatever way the last stone spell fragment was found will be hand-waved.

And probably some time in December or January I will reboot Pieces with some changes. I am probably not going to make a new community but, none of the old logs or posts will be deleted.

Questions? Comments?



[The video opens with Sora's face filling the screen. He looks... baffled, for lack of a better description.]

Uh, guys?

[He moves aside, revealing a scarecrow. There's not really anything special about the scarecrow. It's just a scarecrow... except for the fact that it holds a sign reading 'The End is Nigh' in big letters. After a few moments, Sora leans back into frame, his expression showing that there is concern as well as bafflement.]

There are more of them around and the ones I've seen all have some variation of that phrase on their signs. Do you suppose it has anything to do with only needing one more piece of that puzzle at the spring?


Mod post - Read this

There are now scarecrows scattered around the various pieces. They don't move and touching them doesn't do anything to you.

They're just standing there, holding signs. The signs read "The End is Near" or any variation of the phrase.

What it means is simply that. The end is getting close. What the end is is a mystery however. It could be everyone getting to go home, it could be the destruction of the world of Pieces. Whatever it is, the scarecrows aren't talking. *is weird* >.>;;;

Questions? Comments?


[OOC: Takes place shortly after this log.]

[The screen is dark, but clearly still on. Form somewhere out of sight there is the sound of quiet squeaking. There may be words involved but it is too quiet to make out.

It also sounds incredibly angry. Furious, even.

The sound draws closer, getting louder until words can be made out.

...thrice-damned boy and that little witch and if I ever get my hands on that cloaked ba-

[And then a little white bat comes into view and sees the communicator is on. He falls silent, looking about as angry as a tiny fluffball can be. He's so angry, he is practically vibrating with fury. His unstable mental state probably does not help.]


[ Video ]

[ Hazel is outside by the apple tree. She is looking uncertainly into the camera. There is clearly something she wishes to say but, almost as clearly she doesn't know how to start.

She seems about to speak several times before she actually manages to say something.

I'm not sure how to bring this up...

[ In the background a Sephiroth can be seen seemingly just out for a walk. Whether he spotted Hazel and has something to say to her or just decided he wanted an apple from the tree is unclear.

The girl doesn't notice him until he steps on a rather loud twig several meters behind her.

When she turns and spots him she screams, freaks out and casts... something.

Sephiroth, caught off guard, is hit by the spell and quickly shrinks out of sight with a startled exclamation. Hazel stares for a long moment before she seems to realize something.

Oh! You're not that Sephiroth, are you?

[ She scoots closer to him and gives him an apologetic look. Sephiroth, having been turned into a white ferret, is understandably a bit miffed. ]

Just what did you do to me?

[ Hazel looks a bit ashamed and also a little scared. ]

It's a curse. I'm really really sorry. I'll fix it.

[ She reaches out and concentrates for a few moments, obviously trying to remove the curse. Unfortunately she slumps with a small whimper before she accomplishes anything. ]

Ugh. Don't have the energy for that right now. Sorry... I'll have to wait a while to fix.

[ Sephiroth shoots her a glare that is more adorable than intimidating. ]

What am I supposed to do in the meantime?

[ She just shrugs and shuts off the recording, whatever she'd meant to say in the beginning forgotten for the moment. ]
( OOC: This post takes place a day or so after this log. )
There are only two pieces missing from the spell on the Spring.

One may somehow be revealed during or right after the Sora, Sephiroth, Hazel thing if I don't decide the way I'm thinking of doing it is too easy/weird.

The other can be found anywhere... as long as the place it's found is a challenge for whoever goes looking.

So for example, a Sephiroth searching the basement of the House in the Woods... not a challenge. Hazel and or Wilykit, that would be a challenge for them. Since that area is considered, at least in my mind, as a level one dungeon. The exception being when that creepy energy was leaking out of there.

If you want you can make a place more of a challenge by having that creepy energy happen there. It won't be happening in the same area again.

ALSO Within a day or so of someone finding the next part of the spell, characters may notice a strange speck in the distance. If someone has a telescope they could see, at most, that it is another world piece but, if one were to attempt to fly there they would not be able to get any closer and eventually end up teleported back to the piece they left from.

Any questions?


[Now here's a face ya'll probably haven't seen in a good while. Where was he and what was he doing? That's for him to know, and you to find out.

But for now, we'll take another shot at being sociable and actually... talking, with people.]

...if the pieces of this puzzle are uncovered and the road to our homes revealed... what would it mean, for most of you? What purpose do you have, what is your drive to push forward?

What is left, after this is said and done?

[This tone is level as he asks this, knowing he's probably mentioned it in the past already. But he is genuinely curious, determined to get into the mindset of these people struggling to get out. In Vincent's mind, being away from home? It was the most fitting atonement he could think of.

Maybe a part of him wanted to stay.]

What will happen, when we return?

July 4 - Fog is fun?

[ Sephiroth is frowning at the camera. He is outside but, it's hard to tell where he is because he is surrounded by a thick fog. ]

Can anyone tell me whether this place has ever had fog without something unfortunate happening?

[ Because the place obviously doesn't have natural weather patterns. He's still frowning when he turns off the recording. ]

Time-slide event

Around July 4th(both IC and OOC) a thick fog will start to roll in. It will remain for several days. During that time characters may find themselves pushed a bit forward or backward in their canon time-line.

The fog itself will dissipate within two days. The change to the characters will last between two and seven in game days.

As always it's up to you if you want your character to be affected.

Any questions?


Problem? [Voice]

[There's a rustle that sounds like he's walking though leaves or something like that. It continues for a moment, then stops before Sora speaks up, keeping his voice low.]

So, uh... I found one of the stones from the fountain. It was in the crane game, of all places. The problem, though...

[He trails off. Does he sound embarrassed? Ashamed? Like he's trying not to get caught for some reason? Most likely. He grumbles something unintelligible under his breath before going on.]

Problem is, I cheated at the game to get it. In fairness, it wasn't my idea. The operator didn't realize it right away. I was halfway back to the house when he did realize it and came after me and, well he--

[The pause is more abrupt this time. After a tense moment, he lets out what sounds like a very relieved sigh.]

He's either insane or just. That. Pissed off. That I cheated at the game. I wouldn't have done it if we didn't need this stone to solve that puzzle though... So, uh... help? Anyone think they can reason with him?

[The recording ends here, but not before catching Sora muttering under his breath more, cursing his luck.]


Spells are fun

I haven't found anything dangerous in those runes on the altar. Most there would be for possible side effects seems just being unusually hungry for week or two.

The runes on the spring are starting to make my head hurt. It's like someone smashed together several different languages and put some of them in backwards.

I think I want to study something else for a few days but, the next thing in my book requires an assistant. I'm kinda reluctant to ask for help with this though...


[Video] Look who's back...

[At first, the screen is dark. There are some muffled sounds, the only sign that the communicator is actually on. Then there is a sharp sound, the sound of metal on stone.

Light flashes across the screen, dim but enough to see by. It originates from some runes on an altar, visible on the screen for a brief moment until the communicator is lifted up and focuses on the face of a familiar silver haired man with glowing green eyes.

To say he looks pissed would be an understatement.

So many questions, so few answers.

Where am I? Why was I put here and by whom?

I suggest you give me my answers quickly or I may find myself testing Masamune’s blade on something other than monsters.

[He swings the sword demonstratively.]

Answers. Now. Don’t make me hunt you all down.

[He glances over to the open door.]

You've got until I find my way outside. Don't keep me waiting.



The end is near. No idea whether it will be one month, three or more but, it's near.

I know what will happen when the spell on the Spring is activated and I have a vague plan for after.

But, I'd like to hear some of your ideas if you have them.

And some ideas for things to happen before the endgame because it's still going to be a little while at least.

So, suggestions?